Mr. Lynn Pierce and Mr. David Orgeron purchased the 45 year old agency from the previous owners: Mr. Leon Theriot, Mr. Norman Theriot, and Mr. Louis Duet. Mr. Pierce and Mr. Orgeron have considerable insurance experience in all lines of insurance and have been with TDT since 1974 and 1984 respectively. Their clientele ranges from the small "Mom and Pop" companies to the larger Marine and Property and Casualty accounts.

Mr. Pierce and Mr. Orgeron have carried on the longstanding tradition of the agency's founder, by working closely with the blue chip insurers to build trust, relationship, and continuity within the insurance equation. They have had agency contracts with the same insurers since the agency's original incorporation. Such continuity is almost unheard of in today's ever-changing corporate environment.

TDT is located on Bayou Lafourche in Golden Meadow, Louisiana. The agency has been a favorite purchase target by the large public brokerage houses. However, the management of TDT has elected to remain independent, thus being able to keep a closer relationship with their base. TDT has a well-established network relationship with certain other independent agencies that affords them the ability to market and service accounts well outside the Bayou Lafourche area.